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Gaudins Viennese Mince Pies

4 Luxury Viennese Mince Pies

This non-tradional mince pie is not the nicest looking creation we’ve tested, but it does have it’s own style unlike anything else so far seen. After cutting the pie in half to see the pastry to pie ratio I was worried – there was a lot of pastry. However I took a bite and discovered my fear was misplaced.

Gaudins Luxury Shortcrust Mince Pies

Gaudins handmade minces pies are freshly baked for a truly delicious taste

Terrific Horrific Editors Gold Award for the Best Mince Pie 2008This pie is terrific, although not deep filled, it is full of tasty filling. Due to the hand-made nature of the pie the appearance and consistency can suffer but this only matters if you are looking for a ‘perfect’ pie, I personally like the fact that these look home-made.

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