ASDA All Year Mince Pies

Asda All Year Mince Pies

Six Mince Pies. Golden shortcrust pastry with a sweet mincemeat filling, lightly dusted with sugar. Delicious served with a warm dollop of thick cream

A mince pie in summer? Are you sure?

Asda Rich Fruit Mince Pies

This is a large box of pies, but how do they taste?

12 Rich Fruit Mince Pies. Golden shortcrust pastry crammed with sweet, fruity mince meat.

This pie came with rumours of greatness, in previous years pie tasters had said this could be the one to beat. But this year it was not the case, Asda have made a standard, regulation pie. It does noting special, but neither does it offend.

Asda Rich Fruit Brandy Mince Pies


6 Asda extra special, rich fruit brandy mince pies. Crumbly all-butter shortcrust pastry,crammed with rich, brandy-soaked vine fruits and sweet glacé cherries

They look almost perfect with their delicate snowflake embellishment only let down slightly by the pale in colour of the pastry. A good pie for those who like brandy or those who choose to warm their pies and eat with vanilla ice cream.

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