Lyons Deep Filled Mince Pies

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18 deep filled mince pies, made with the finest fruits (catering pack)

The heavy, catering pack, utilitarian branding and crash-proof, internal packaging make this the ideal pie to airdrop to troops in Afghanistan. Pastry base is a little flimsy though – paratroops would need something more substantial. Tasty, likeable and unassuming.

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Asda Rich Fruit Brandy Mince Pies


6 Asda extra special, rich fruit brandy mince pies. Crumbly all-butter shortcrust pastry,crammed with rich, brandy-soaked vine fruits and sweet glacé cherries

They look almost perfect with their delicate snowflake embellishment only let down slightly by the pale in colour of the pastry. A good pie for those who like brandy or those who choose to warm their pies and eat with vanilla ice cream.

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M&S Connoisseur Mini Mince Pies

The M&S Connoisseur pies are beautifully presented in a multi-tier display.12 all butter mini mince pies

These are excellent mince pies. I struggle to fault almost everything about them. Quite remarkable! Fairly expensive, although worth the difference.

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Rowan Hill Bakery Deep Filled Pies

The Rowan Hill Bakery pies from Lidl are standard issue pies that whilst not awful, are not great either.12 Deep filled Mince Pies. Pastry Cases with a mincemeat filling

Rowan Hill Bakery’s utilitarian packaging includes a beginner’s explanation of what a mince pie actually is – perhaps for the export Market? Inside, the pastry features a festive holly motif but is a little crumbly.

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Konditor & Cook Mince Pies

Not the most festive of boxes but having the pies loosely presented somehow improves the experience.

Konditor & Cook Mince Pies

These pies are another step up. Quite pricey but worth it. Using minimal packaging (just loose in a box) they have a confidence that the taste alone will impress. And it does.

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M&S Mini Mince Pies

12 mini mince pies. Butter rich shortcrust pastry deep filled with a rich fruity mince meat

Small but very tasty. A little difficult to extract cleanly from the foil tray, but once out a winner. Not entirely satisfying, although an excellent and almost unbeatable quick mince pie fix. A definite best buy.

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Village Bakery Organic Mince Pies

6 organic mince pies, luxurious all-butter pastry, deep-filled with a deliciously fruity mincemeat and crowned with a light sugar dusting

This came as a pleasant surprise, the Village Bakery have made a very good pie here. One of the nicest pastie tried, combined with a tasty mince a sweet sugared top offer.

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M&S Top Iced Mince Pies

6 Top Iced Mince Pies. Butter rich shortcrust pastry  filled with a rich, fruity mincemeat, topped with fondant icing & dusted with sugar

This isn’t right! M&S mince meat is delicious but I couldn’t taste it due to the over-powering sugar flavour of the icing. With 5 other varieties in the M&S range why is there a need for this?

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Gaudins Viennese Mince Pies

4 Luxury Viennese Mince Pies

This non-tradional mince pie is not the nicest looking creation we’ve tested, but it does have it’s own style unlike anything else so far seen. After cutting the pie in half to see the pastry to pie ratio I was worried – there was a lot of pastry. However I took a bite and discovered my fear was misplaced.

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M&S Shelter Charity Mince Pie

Crisp, butter rich pastry filled with luxury mincemeat with brandy and port.

This is a much larger than normal pie but with a much higher price tag. At over £1 per pie these are very expensive but large enough to satisfy two if chopped in half. Of course you are doing your bit for charity by buying these which helps to convince you to go through with the purchase but if you read the small print you’ll notice that only 5% goes to Shelter.

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