Fortnum & Mason Mince Pies

The Review

Fortnum & Mason's box is a lovely colour of jade, but is it festive enough?

Six traditional Christmas mince pies. Deep filled mince pies made to our long-established exclusive recipe with Fortnum & Mason Mincemeat. Chucky, evocative and appropriately moreish.

‘The first thing you’ll notice on approaching this pie is the size, it is by far the tallest pie we have tested. It is a monster weighing in at an unhealthy 83 grams! With allowance for the slight damage in transit and working on the principal that bigger is not necessarily bigger, I would give these an average mark for appearance, there is nothing apart from the size that differentiates these from their competitors. The pastry is tasty but too crumbly. I’ve started on the negatives but there is a big positive, the mince meat is delicious. It is based on their own unique recipe and there is no reason to change it. If you think bigger is better and money is no object then these are worth a try.’ – Paul

This pie is deep, very deep.

‘The hour had finally come, the gigantic box was opened and we were allowed to taste the expensive goodness. These Fortnum and mason pies are a mountain of a pastry, they are indeed deep filled at a 3.5cm (average 2.5cm). The first thing you notice apart from the height is the smell and the inviting hint of cinnamon. Whilst devouring the pie it did disintegrate quicker than hoped, I lost a few tasty morsels as crumble debris scattered my desk. With this in mind I still feel that these are a top pie. This is a pie with a different taste, a finer taste, a taste to suitable to sit down with on a leather chair and a pipe.’ – Adam

‘Timelessly classic F&M packaging contains what is probably the deepest, weightiest and most masculine individual pie on the market this year. Huge, with lots of cinnamon flavour and great crumbly pastry. This is a proud – almost arrogant – pie that’s untroubled by the credit crunch, dieting or chi-chi styling. Not one to nibble out of politeness at an aging relative’s house – this is a pie to eat when you are hungry. Seasonal genius: 9.5.’ – Marco

‘Great tasting pastry but very hard to eat due to it’s depth – this pie is very deep and the cavernous chamber is filled to the top. Impressive. My mince did have a few crunchy bits in which always make my brow crinkle in discomfort, but overall it’s not too bad. The mince is maybe a little powerful for my taste so I saved the pastry until last and boy, was it good!’ – Mince Pie Virgin

Key Facts

Weight Per Pie 83.3g
Calories Per Pie N/A
Price Per Pie
Country of Origin The UK

Our Rating

Taste: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 

Appearance: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

Packaging: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆ 

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Fortnum & Mason Mince Pies8.01012

1 Review

  1. poppy lipsaddle | December 21, 2011 at 20:24 pm

    the moment had arrived when i took my first bite of this giant warm beauty in my mouth. i could resist no more the longing temptation that had been with me since i purchased these animal of a mince pie. the warm crumbly pastry was begging to be smothered in the lashing of hot steaming brandy butter. it hit the warm pie and oozed and dribbled down the side of the crumbliest pastry i had ever seen. once i put this big boy to my lips the moisture of my mouth wrapped around it and as i closed my eyes my senses exploded into only what i can describe as pure heaven

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